The purpose of this test is to determine the optimum resistive training force that does not degrade stroke mechanics or speed beyond that acceptable to the coach.

The Training Force Test™ Program provides an easy and simple way to determine the most appropriate training force for repetitive resistive training. Too large of a training force on Power Racks or E-Rack Resist Training will entrain poor stroke mechanics.  Too small a force will not yield optimum training benefits.  For this test the force increases slowly to a force that is no more than half the swimmers maximum thrust as determined by the Speed and Power Test.  The optimum training force is then determined from the SwimGraph.


The maximum thrust of the swimmer as determined from the Speed and Power Test is entered and the program automatically sets the rate of force increase so that changes in stroke mechanics can be more easily seen.   The coach can view in real time the effect of increasing resistance on the speed and stroke mechanics. This allows the coach to determine the maximum training resistance that will not reduce swimming speed or interfere with stroke mechanics more than the coach desires.  This force can then be set as the maximum training resistance on the E-Rack or on Power Racks.  Periodically testing swimmers on the Training Force Test™ Program will help the coach to determine when and how much the training force can be increased.  Data may be stored in Excel files for later retrieval and analysis by the Read Training Force Test™ Program.

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