The purpose of this program is to train the neuromuscular system to swim at a higher speed without stressing the stroke mechanics. The assist program is an excellent way to compare unassisted and assisted stroke mechanics. By setting higher forces this program provides towing at higher speeds for evaluating underwater streamline. 

For Assist Training an assist force that overcomes part of the drag force of water is set and allows the swimmer to swim .1 to .2 m/s (or more) faster than his unassisted speed.  The force is usually between 8 lbs. for small swimmers and 15 lbs for larger swimmers and may not be the same for all strokes.   The trial assist force is adjusted to achieve the desired training speed. The program is started and the swimmer pushes the front panel button and swims at the fastest speed to the far end of the pool.  This speed is recorded and is the swimmers unassisted peak speed.  The swimmer needs only perform the peak unassisted speed once. There after he swims out at any preferred rate.  At the turn, the E-Rack applies the set assistive force to the swimmer as he swims at maximum speed returning toward the start. When swimmer reaches the start the E-Rack stops and the swimmer waits for the program generated signal to start the next repetition. During this time the force may be adjusted to increase or decrease the swimmers speed in the next repetition until the appropriate speed is attained.  This force is then used in subsequent trials for this swimmer and stroke style. The program continues until the set number of repetitions is completed.

Underwater towing is a great tool to evaluate underwater streamline.  Higher forces are set and the swimmer is towed at higher speeds underwater for up to 50 meters to give the swimmer time to test and modify streamline for best speed and straight trajectory.  A better profile results in higher speed for the same tow force.


Underwater towing with the E-Rack is a great training tool. By instructing a swimmer to intentionally raise his head, drop his toes or change other body geometry during the tow it is easy to actually measure and demonstrate its effect on speed.    Results for towing or assist training may be automatically stored to an Excel spread sheet for future analysis with the Read Tow & Assist Training™ Program.

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