The Timed 10 Meter Sprint™ Program is similar to sprint trials on a Power Rack except that the set forces are constant and can be changed at will, and the speeds and ten meter times are recorded so the coach can verify that speed and stroke mechanics are maintained.

The Timed 10 Meter Sprint™ Program is usually run in parallel with Power Rack training with swimmers regularly cycling through the E-Rack trials to verify that the performance with set forces are consistently maintained.  The training distance is 10 meters starting at the 5 meter mark and ending at 15 meters.  The swimmer swims out against the resist force, shortly after the 15 meter mark the force is released.  When the swimmer feels the force release he stops swimming, flips to the back and the E-Rack retrieves the swimmer to the start position to wait for the start of the next repetition. The current repetition number, resist force, average speed, and average power are displayed for each run in the horizontal meter set at the top of the monitor.  Instantaneous values for Distance, Speed, and Power are graphed.  Average Resisted Speed and Average Resisted Power for 15 repetitions are recorded and displayed on screen so that the consistency among trials can be evaluated.   Values may be automatically stored to an Excel spread sheet for future analysis with the Read Timed 10 meter Sprint™ Program.  Screen display may be copied and pasted to a word document for a permanent graphical record for the swimmer’s file.

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