The purpose of this test is to measure the peak speed, peak power and maximum thrust in one trial in 25 meters or yards.

In the Speed and Power Test™ Program the instrument measures and records Time, Distance, Peak Speed, Peak Power, and Stall Force (dynamic thrust) in one 25 meter (or yard) trial. These values are used to evaluate a swimmer’s speed and power, and assess the swimmer’s improvements periodically throughout a training program. When running this program, the program is started; the swimmer pushes the front panel button and begins a swim at maximum speed. Then after a short interval at peak speed a resistive force ramps up from zero to a force which stalls the swimmer’s forward motion.  This force is the maximum thrust the swimmer can generate.    When the forward motion is stopped, the force is released, the swimmer stops swimming, lays over on the back and the rewind mechanism pulls the swimmer to the starting point.  The recorded values of distance, speed, force, and power are graphed. Distance, peak speed, stall force, (maximum thrust) and peak power are captured and displayed on digital meters.  All values may be dumped to an Excel spread sheet for further analysis with a separate Read Speed and Power Test™ Program.  Screen display also may be copied and pasted to a word document for a permanent photo record for the swimmer’s file.

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