The Resist Training™ Program is essentially an electronic Power Rack that operates for any distance up to 50 meters and records the results of each repetition so the coach can immediately determine that the swimmer is maintaining speed and stroke characteristics in all training repetitions.

The Resist Training™ Program is usually run in parallel with Power Rack training with swimmers regularly cycling through the E-Rack™ trials to verify that the performance with set forces is consistently maintained. For resist training, the resist force, number of repetitions and the repetition interval time are set with on-screen sliders.   The program is started and the swimmer pushes the front panel button and swims at the desired speed against the resist force.  When the swimmer reaches the far end of the pool he stops swimming, lays on his back and the E-Rack retrieves him to the start.  When swimmer reaches the start the E-Rack stops and the swimmer waits for the program generated signal (horn) to start the next repetition. The program continues until the set number of repetitions is completed.   Values of Speed and Power for up to 15 repetitions are held on screen until a new training session is started.  Data may be stored in Excel files for later retrieval and analysis by the Read Resist Training™ Program.  The SwimGraph displays Distance, Speed, Power and Timing Mark channels.  Meters record Training Session Time, Repetition Number, and Resist Forces along with Average Speed and Power for each repetition.

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