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The Torrent E-Rack Electronic Swim Power Trainer includes six test and training modes (programs).  Additional custom programs can be created to customize the E-Rack™ to perform almost any imaginable training or testing protocol.

In the Speed and Power Test™ Program the instrument allows the user to measure and record Time, Distance, Peak Speed, Peak Power, and Stall Force (maximum dynamic thrust up to 43lbs). These values are used to evaluate a swimmer’s speed and power, determine appropriate resistive training forces, and assess the swimmer’s improvements periodically throughout a training program.

In the Resist Training™ Program a desired resist training force is set.  Also set are the number of repetitions and the repetition interval. The swimmer swims out against the force to the far end of the pool or other predetermined distance.  The E-Rack senses when the swimmer stops and retrieves the swimmer to the starting position.  After the preset interval the swimmer is signaled to start the next trial.  After the preset number of repetitions has been completed, the instrument stops.  All data can be stored for later analysis.

The Assist Training™ Program allows the user to set a desired assist force, training interval and number of repetitions for a training protocol for an individual swimmer.  The swimmer swims out at a preferred unresisted speed and at the turn the set assist force is automatically applied and assists the swimmer to swim at a higher speed returning to the start.   Audible signals are given to direct the swimmer’s training sequence.

A Towing Program is a special case of the Assist Training™ Program and is capable of towing a swimmer at higher speeds.  It is especially useful for studying underwater streamline posture.

A Resist and Assist™ Program allows both resist and assist functions to be used in a single trial.

A Timed 10 Meter Sprint™ Program measures the swimmer’s average speeds over repetitive ten meter sprints with selected resist forces.  It displays in real time Distance, Time, Speed, Power, Force, Peak Speed, and Peak Power.  The number of strokes, strokes per meter, meters per stroke, and power in watts per stroke may easily be determined.

When power is plotted against strokes and peak power is plotted against peak speed it is possible to compare the performance of a swimmer to the performance of the fastest swimmers and determine the most appropriate training protocol for improving strength or speed.  All of the modes record instantaneous and average speed over the length of the training distances so that stroke by stroke analysis can be performed if desired.

For more detailed information about the built-in programs, please choose from the list below:

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