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The Torrent Speed Analyzer Velocity Meter is a portable pool side instrument and software designed to provide researchers a method of studying swimming performance, and swim coaches a simple and reliable method to measure important aspects of a swimmer’s speed and stroke characteristics off the starting block, off the wall and in open swim. It consists of a stainless steel enclosure containing a reel with line that connects to a swimmer, a speed sensor, motor, battery, electronic power interface, electronic signal conditioning hardware, electronic flash hot shoe, and Data Acquisition Hardware for interfacing with Torrent Data Acquisition Programs.  Data is automatically displayed on a computer screen, and options are available to store data to a spread sheet for further analysis and record keeping.

Video with Torrent Speed Analyzer Velocity Meter Data

The Torrent Speed Analyzer is capable of measuring, graphing and displaying in real time a swimmer’s Distance, Time, Speed, and stroke characteristics over any distance up to 50 meters. Split times and speeds are displayed every five meters. The number of strokes, strokes per meter, meters per stroke, and acceleration with each stroke can be determined directly from the recording. Data can be saved to a CSV file for synchronizing with Dartfish Video Analysis Software (www.dartfish.com) so that complete stroke by stroke analysis can be done. A photo strobe hot shoe is built in for synchronizing data with video. These features are built into a rugged stainless steel enclosure and make the Torrent™ Speed Analyzer™ the fastest and most convenient and portable method for analyzing speed and stroke.  Contact us for a quote.

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