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Torrent™ Swimming Technology™ is a platform of devices to provide swimmers, coaches and researchers the ultimate suite of tools for evaluating, testing and training swimmers.  Developed by Hector Engineering Co. in conjunction with the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming, the Torrent™ E-Rack™ Swim Power Trainer™ and the Torrent™ Speed Analyzer™ are revolutionizing Sprint and Power training and allowing coaches to use data to evaluate swimming technique like never before.

The Torrent™ E-Rack™ Swim Power Trainer™ is the perfect tool to train the neuromotor system with precisely controllable sprint-assist programs, and to increase swimming power via computer moderated resistance training. The E-Rack™ is the first machine capable of measuring, graphing and displaying, in real time, a swimmer’s Distance, Time, Speed, Power, Thrust, Peak Speed, Peak Power, and Stall Force (maximum thrust) over any distance up to 50 meters.

The Torrent™ Speed Analyzer™ provides a simple tool to measure Distance, Time, Speed and Acceleration.  The Speed Analyzer™ can be used to quantify and evaluate open/free swimming, starts, underwaters, and turn approaches.  The graphic output to your computer shows subtle accelerations and decelerations within a single stroke that would otherwise be undetectable.  Coupled with underwater video, the system provides the most insightful and revealing view into stroke technique available.

The E-Rack™ and Speed Analyzer™ are portable and simple to use; set-up only takes a few minutes.  The software can be installed on any Windows based PC and the operation of the programs only require a few clicks of your mouse.  Take your swimming or coaching to a new level and perfect what is perfectible!



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