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StrokeLabs Video Lab uses high definition video recording technology to provide swimmers and coaches the best possible underwater record of a swimmer’s stroke technique.  StrokeLabs custom built camera dolly moves with the swimmer, so they stay “in frame” for the entirety of the recording.  The standard service offering captures underwater front, left, right and rear views of the swimmer, presented in a 2-view split screen format.  Additionally, above water views from these angles can be captured at special request, and the video can be presented in a 4-view split screen format.

The standard filming protocol requires the swimmer to perform a 50 yard (2 laps) trial of each stroke, including turns.  Depending on the level of the swimmer, all four strokes and turns can be filmed in 5-8 minutes.

Videos can be shared via various media to meet the needs of the athlete and the coach.  Regular team sessions can be scheduled or private/small group sessions can be arranged by contacting StrokeLabs directly at (925) 817-7700.

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