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StrokeLabs Velocity Lab combines high definition underwater video recording technology with velocity data from the Torrent Speed Analyzer Velocity Meter.   StrokeLabs custom built camera dolly moves with the swimmer, so they stay “in frame” for the entirety of the recording, while the Torrent Speed Analyzer Velocity Meter measures the swimmer’s velocity 60x/second.  The video that is produced includes an overlay of the speed data graph to provide coaches with an incredible insight into their swimmer’s technique.  Decelerations within the stroke cycle are largely undetectable to the naked eye, but with the instantaneous velocity graph overlain on the video, subtle stroke flaws become obvious.

The standard filming protocol requires the swimmer to perform a 25 yard (1 lap) trial of each stroke.  Depending on the level of the swimmer, all four strokes can be filmed in 3-5 minutes.

Regular team sessions can be scheduled or private/small group sessions can be arranged by contacting StrokeLabs directly at (925) 817-7700.

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