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StrokeLabs uses custom built video equipment to provide underwater videography services to swimmers of all abilities.   Coupled with Torrent Swimming Technology, a proprietary suite of devices, StrokeLabs provides comprehensive measurement and training functions that are unavailable with any other device or system.

  • Videography
    StrokeLabs provides swimmers and coaches with the best possible underwater video recording services. Our custom built camera system records swimmers in high definition underwater video from 2 synchronized camera angles. Because the camera dolly moves on a track next to the pool, a swimmer can be recorded for an entire lap in perfect view.
  • Data
    StrokeLabs utilizes our Torrent Speed Analyzer  velocity meter to display velocity and acceleration data in-sync with the underwater video.  The addition of data allows coaches and swimmers to pin-point technical flaws that cause unwanted deceleration and maximize propulsive elements that lead to higher average speed.  StrokeLabs uses the Torrent E-Rack to measure power, as well, and it is the only device that can measure Peak Power.
  • Sprint Assist/Power Training
    StrokeLabs Torrent E-Rack uses patented technology to tow/assist swimmers with very precise force control.  This allows swimmers to practice sprint assisted swimming at very specific speeds for distances up to 50 Meters.

The Torrent systems were designed by Hector Engineering Co. in conjunction with the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming at Indiana University.  The system can also be used as a periodic testing device for benchmarking and quantifying training for teams using other mechanical rack systems.  The E-Rack has fully programmable training functions that were always desired, but due to the technological hurdles, were unavailable. Torrent Swimming Technology is changing the way swimmers train worldwide.

To book an appointment for any of our services, call 925-917-7700 or send us an email at Inquiries@TriLabs.com

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